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Doggie Bag

by Severance Package

Ya think yr man enough? I think I heard enough - I'm gonna wash yr mouth w/ soap. You said a dirty word - are you a dirty bird? I'm gonna wash yr mouth w/ soap. Yr gonna see yr wrong - i'm gonna scrub yr tongue - 'm gonna wash yr mouth w/ soap. Yr gonna wish you never spoke. You can tell me what y don't want me to say but mr i don't care (oh yeah) X2 Ya think ya washed it off? You'll never wash it off - I'm gonna wash yr mouth w/ blood.
Pow! Eat fried poop! Pow! Eat fried poop! Slick sticky stickers, you got a mean pair of scissors. Cut, cut it up now. Tells you what to do now. Pow! Eat fried poop! Pow! Eat fried poop! Fried pee wiener. Poor people power. Car with a big butt, dirty dusty car butt. Pow! Eat fried poop! Pow! Eat fried poop!
Gimme all the cash in the drawer, give me everything Gimme me all the checks and the bank note things Gimme what ya dropped on the floor, give me all of it Give me what ya got in yr pants pockets Oh, when the cash runs out That's when the guns come out Shoulda knew back when we lost our jobs Now we see the workplace as a place to rob CEOs and scabs better get in line first So give us all the money and open up yr purse Oh, when the cash runs out That's when the guns come out Keep yr mouth shut, don't cry don't shout - ya gotta stay quiet when the guns come out... This is survival, not corporate greed We do what we can to fulfill our needs the need to not die like impoverished fools So give us all yr money and keep yr head cool
Pinkertons 03:07
Old moneybags has got a bone to pick Couldn't stand the thought of losing one gold brick He paid the Pinkertons to hang 'em high They found 'em swinging on a hot July That's where he lay Big boss man didn't like her none Knew she was about to cut and run He paid the Pinkertons to kill her dead They found her body but not her head That's where she lay These clumsy so-called workers, they just can't mind a switch They stumble into bullets and fall into a ditch They slip on bloody sidewalks on forgotten ends of town They climb back on their soapbox and we kindly help them down Pinkertons are a nasty bunch They'll shoot you down while you eat your lunch Paid by the rich to kill off the poor If you see 'em coming better hit the floor That's where ya lay
Circle Path 01:43
Cut up tongue and greasy gravel eye Tell is it safe to go outside Falling, crawling, reaching for the door Pieces missing from the night before Walking on the circle path again Will you take me out with you tonight Tell me everything will be alright When i'm with you now i can close my eyes Nothing left in me to compromise Walking on the circle path again


Early stuff from Severance Package featuring Robin and Josh Indar of Black Fork infamy.


released June 14, 2019

Robin Indar: Bass, Vox
Josh Indar: Guitar, Vox
Steve Bragg: Drums


all rights reserved



Shut Up Records Chico, California

Bringing you the finest in punk, rock, psych and powerslop since 2003!!!

Shut Up was founded by Brad Lackey, who launched the label with a blistering posthumous LP by The Stun Guns.

In 2013, Brad passed Shut Up on to Robin & Josh Indar of Severance Package / Black Fork.

Several new releases are currently in the works.
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